Introduction to Ilmul Adviya, Historical development of Ilmul Advia, The importance and application of Ilmul Adviya in day to day life, Definition of Dawa, Ghiza, Dawa e Ghiza and Ghiza e Dawa, Differences between Dawa e Summi and Summ e Mutlaq, Principles and importance of Badal (Substitute), Muzir (Side effects) and Muslih (Corrective) Tarkeeb e Adviya, Dawa ke Ajza e Tarkeeba, (Different constituents of drugs), Jauhar e Fial (Active principles), Dawa ki Taba'i Khusoosiyat (Special properties of drugs), Masalik e Adviya (Routes of administration of drugs), Ghair Ma'roof Adviya ke Asrat Ma'loom Karne ke Farai: , Qiyas Va Tajruba (Ancient empirical methods of induction and experimentation for the assessment of medicinal effects of unknown drugs), Mizaj e Adviya (Temperament of drugs, Darjat e Adviya (Degree of temperamental qualities), Important of Mizaj in the study of drugs, Istikhraj e Mizaj (Assessment of Mizaj of a Unani compound formulation), Detail description of important Unani medical terminologies used in Unani system of medicine
Morphological identification of medicinal plants, Detection of Mizaj and Afaal of medicinal plants, Herbarium sheets preparation, Educational tours to Herbal gardens and Herbarium