Introduction to the subject and relevant books on Kushta, Definition of Kushta, origin and development of Ilmul Keemiya, (Knowledge of chemistry), sthilahat used in Kushta Sazi Equipments, Put, Jantar, Method of making Gil e Hikmat, Introduction of new technology in the preparation of Kushta, Factors to be observed in the preparation of Kushta and, other relevant details, Proper preparation of Kushta, Method for increasing the potency of Kushta, Identification of Kham Kushta to ascertain the proper preparation of Kushta, General and specific tests for completely prepared Kushta, Introduction to Ayurveda Rasa preparations, Detail study of Ma'dani and Haiwani Adviya with following information - Chemical Name, Minerological name, Synonyms, Purification, Method of preparation of compound preparations containing Ma'dani and Haiwani Adviya, Miqdar e Khurak, Iste'mal e Afal e Khawas and Badraqa, Side effects of Kushta
Identification of Ma'dani and Haiwani Adviya, Demonstration of equipments and utensils used in Kushta preparation, Preparation of Gil e Hikmat, Manipulation of Jantar involved in Kushta preparations, Purification of Ma'dani and Haiwani Adviya