Introduction, Definitions and Basic Principles of Ilmul Jarahat (4: 30/30)
Introduction, the origin, development and the present condition of Unani surgery and teachers of Ilmul Jarahat, text, documents, commentary, Humoral pathology in surgical conditions, Three stages of surgery: Pre operative, operative, and post operative management of patients, Ilthihab/Varm (inflammation) – Mahaiyat, Asbab, Aqsam, Awarizat,Ilaj, Alamat vo Nishaniyat and Inthizam (pathology, causes, classification, complications, treatment, clinical features and management) Alamat vo Nishaniyat and Inthizam (pathology, causes, classification, complications, treatment, clinical features and management), Surgical conditions due to "Garam Varm" ,"Barid Varm", Varm-e-Maee, Varm-e-Reehi and their management, Jarahat (Wound) and its management, Qurooh (Ulcer) and its management, Nasoor/ Majri (Fistula/sinus) and its Management, Jiryan-ud-Dam (Haemorrhage) and its management, Sadma (Shock) and its management, Kharaq-ul-Naar vo Salaq (Burns and scalds) and its management, Umoomi Bayan, Aqsam, Alamat vo Nishaniyat, Awarizat and Inthizam of Kasoor, Khala vo Moonch general description, types,symptoms and signs, complication and management of fracture, dislocation and sprain
Ilmul Jarahat - Modern (1:15/00)
Development of modern surgery, latest surgical invention and techniques and their advantage and disadvantage, acute traumatic wounds, ulcers, head injuries and shock (Examination and management), Examination and management of a sinus and fistula (External fistule, internal fistule, tuberculoses, sinus etc.), Examination and management of peripheral vascular disease and Raynoud's disease, Gas gangrene, Diabetic, dry gangrene, senile gangrene, Burger's diseases, infective gangrene, Examination and management of varicose veins (Venous thrombosis, hemorrhage, deep vein thrombosis, thrombophlebitis), Examination and management of disease related to lymphatic system (Lymphadenitis, Hodgkin' diseases, syphilis, lymph sarcoma, Tuberculosis, lymphoedema, Elephantiasis, Sarcoma, Carcinoma, Lymphoma, Leukemia), Disease of muscles, tendons and fascia (Tendinitis, traumatic Tendon disease, ganglion, Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis, Elbow, Fibrocystic), Examination and management of disease related to bone and joints. (Traumatic bone and joints lesions, osteomyelitis, developmental disorders, nutritional metabolic and endocrinal disorders, Adhesion, Osteoporosis), Examination and management of head injuries Haemorrhage, Unconsciousness, Cerebral, contusion, Cerebral concussion Cerebral compression Injury to base of the skin brain, blood vessels and complication, Examination and management of disease related to hand and foot (Infections localized infections spreading infections, congenital and acquired deformities swelling and ulcers)
Amras e Ain (1:15/00)
Introduction to the subject, Ain ka Thashreeh vo Afal – Anatomy of eye, clinical examination of the Ain (Eye), Minor injuries of the eye, Amraz-e-Ajfan, Amraz-eMulthahima, Amraz-e-Qarnia, Amraz-e-Anbia, Amraz-e-sulbiya, Amraz-eRuthubat-e-Jalidiya, Amraz-e-Ruthubat-e-Baiziya, Amraz-e-Basarat, Amraz-eShabkiya,
Amraz-e-Uzn (Ear Disease), Amraz-e-Anf – Disease of the Nose (2:15/30)
Tashreeh-Vo-Afal-e-Uzn (Anatomy and Physiology of Ear), Voja ul-Uzn, Varm eGosh, Sailan-e-Uzn, Behrapen, Saql sama't, Sailan-e-peep, Taneen, Jsm ghareeb, Kanpeid
Amraz-e-Anf (Disease of the Nose)
Thashreeh-vo-Afal-e-Anf (Anatomy and Physiology of Nose), Fasad-e-sham, Nakseer,Khasham, Buzurul Anf, Ilthihab-e-Thajaveef-ul-Anf, Jism ghareeb in nose
Ilmul Jarahat (Unani Surgery) (3:30/60)
Fataq (Hernia) and its management, Amal-e-Kai (cauterization) in surgical condition, Hajamat (Cupping) in surgical condition, Fasd (Venesection) in surgical conditions, Jonk (Leech application) in surgical conditions, Bawaseer and its Management, Inshiqaqul miq'ad its Management, Anorectal abscess and other peri-anal conditions, Nasoor and its management, Khuroojul miq'ad its Management, Sang-e-Gurda Vo Masana, Azm Guda-e-Mazi, Bol-ud-Dam, Qeel maee, Khatna, Qurookh-e-Meda vo Ama, Varm-e-Zaida, Sudda-e-Ama, Poda vo Sartan-e-Kabid, Hassathul Mirrara, Varm-e-Mirara, Amraz-e-Urookh, Amraze-Ghudoodi.
Ilmul Jarahat – Modern (1:15/00)
Examination and management of diseases related too chest, (Solid swelling, Traumatic conditions, swelling, Sinus, Empyema, Carcinoma, Embolism), Examination and management of disease related to breast (Traumatic conditions, Mastitis, abscess, Cysts, Tumors, Gynaecomastia), Examination and management of diseases related to abdomen (Acute abdomen injuries to abdomen acute appendicitis, Intestinal obstruction, cholecystitis, Pancreatitis, Divertaculities, Salphingitis Colitis, Abscess Exploration hemorrhage and torsion Colic's, ulcers, carcinomas and other chronic abdominal condition, Examination and management of diseases related to anal canal and rectum (Hemorrhoids, Fissure in ano, Abscess, Fistula in ano, sinuses, Prolaps, Structures, Carcinomas, Incontinence, Examination and management of diseases related to urinary case (Calculi, Polycystic kidney, Renal cysts, Hydronephosis, Tuberculosis Renal tumors, Diseases, related to prostate.), Examination and management of diseases related to swelling in the Inguinal scrotal or grain region (Hernia, Hydrocele, Varicocele Funiculitis, Cysts and Tumors, congenital Abnormalities, Torsion Inflammatory and infective condition Haemotocele), Examination and management of disease related to male External gentalia (Sebaceous cysts, Elephantiasis, Phimosis, Syphilitic conditions, Chancroid, premaligent conditions tumors), Radiological examinations, Utilization of X-ray Scan etc. in diagnosis.
Amraz-e-Halq – Disease of the Throat (2:15/30)
Suquthulahat, Khunnaq, Varm e Halq, Inthibaq e mari, Bahaut e saut, Varm e Mari, Sarthan
Amraz-e-Jawf-e-Fam (Disease of the Oral Cavity)
Amraz e Lisan, Varm e lisan, Fasad e zawk, Qila e lisan, Shiqaqul lisan, Hikkathul lisan, Luab ki kasarat, Luknat, Azmul lisan, Amraz e Isnan,Voje ul Isnan, Thaharruk ul Isnan
Amraz-e-Ain, Anf, Uzn, vo Halq (ENT, Opthalmology and Orthodontology – Modern (1:15/00)
Eye diseases
Refractive Errors, Accommodation Anomalies, Conjunctivitis, Pterygium, Glaucoma, Strabismus (Squint), Corneal Ulcer, Corneal Opacities, Episcleritis, Scleritis. Staphyloma, Iridocylitis, Pan Opthalmitis, Cataract, Vascular Retinopathies. Retinal Detachment, Optic Neuritis, Papilloedema, Common Intra Ocular Tumours-Blepharitis, Hordeolum Externum, Chalazion, Trichiasis,
Entropion, Ectropion, Ptosis.
Ear diseases
Acute and Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media. Secretory Otitis Media. Otitis Externa, Furuncle, Otomycosis, Otalgia, Tinnitus, Otosclerosis, Meniere's Disease, Deafness, Labyrinthitis Common Benign and Malignant Tumours of the Ear
Diseases of Nose
Diseases of External nose and Nasal Vestibule, Nasal Deformities, Congenital and Malignant Tumours. Furuncle / Boil, Stenosis and Atresia of the Nares, Nasal septum and its diseases, Deviated Nasal Septum, Acute and Chronic Rhinitis, Hypertrophic Rhinitis. Atrophic Rhinitis, Rhinitis Sicca, Allergic Rhinitis, Vasomotor and otherforms of Non-Allergic Rhinitis, Nasal polyps, Epistaxis, Common Neoplasms of Nasal Cavity, Acute and Chronic Sinusitis, Oro-Antral Fistula
Diseases of Throat
Pharyngitis, Adenoids, Tonsillitis, Abscesses in relation to Pharynx
Diseases of Oral Cavity
Periodontal Diseases, Gingivitis and Periodontitis, Pericoronitis Odontogenic and Non-Odontogenic Tumours Oral Cavity Carcinomas Common Types, Pre Malignant conditions, Dental Caries, Dental Hard Tissue Disorders, Glossitis, Oral mucosal Lesions, Stomatitis