Introduction to the subject, History taking, Basic introduction to general examination and commonly used instruments, Ilmul Halat e Badan (States of body), Ajnas e Amraz (Classification of Diseases), Darjat e Amraz (Stages of disease), Ilmul Asbab (Aetiology), Ilmul Alamat (Symptomatology), Alamat e Mizaj (Features of Temperament), Significance of Bole (Urine), Baraz (Faeces), Nabz (Pulse), Khoon (Blood) and Balgham (Sputum) in diagnosis.
Imtihan e Mareez
History taking and analysis of symptoms, Examination of patients by inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation related to all systems highlighting and correlating the unani and modern medical concepts
Anwa ul Ilaj (1:15/00)
Fundamentals of treatments and the objectives, Factors to be observed in Ilaj, Classification of Ilaj and their descriptions, Ilaj bil Taghziya (Dieto therapy), Ilaj Bil Adviya (Pharmaco therapy), Ilaj Bil Tadbeer (Regimental therapy), Isthifaragh (Evacuation) methods and their principles of application
Qawaneen ul Ilaj (2:15/30)
Qanoon e Nuzj (Coction), Qanoon e Is'hal (Principles of Inducing Purgation), Qanoon e Huqna (Principles of Enema), Qanoon e Muqayyat (Principles of Inducing Emesis), Qanoon e Ta'reeq (Principles of Inducing Perspirations), Qanoon e Idrar (Principles of Inducing Flow)
Qanoon e Tanfees (Principles of Inducing Expectoration), Qanoon e Imala (Principles of Divertion), Qanoon e Nutool (Principles of Irrigation), Qanoon e Su'oot (Principles of Errhine Therapy), Qanoon e Kai (Principles of Cauterization), Qanoon e Dalak (Principles of Massage), Qanoon e Hijamat (Principles of Cupping), Qanoon e Fasd (Principles of Venesection), Qanoon Irsal e Alaq (Principles of Leeching), Usool Ilaj (Principles of treatment) of common diseases, Introduction to other Indigenous and Traditional Therapy
Amraz e Mafasil Va Azlat (Diseases of Joints and Muscles)
- 10 hours by Prof. MSM Shiffa
Amraz e Mari, Me'ada and Am'a (Diseases of Alimentary Tract) - 20 hours by Dr. MAA Sirajudeen and Dr. Razana
Amraz e Dimagh Va A'sab (Diseases of Nervous System), Amraz e Kulya Vo Masana (Diseases of Urinary System), Amraz e Jigar, Mirrara Vo Tihal (Diseases of Liver and Biliary System and Spleen)
Hummiyat (Fevers) Prof. M S M Shiffa
Amraz e Qalb (Diseases of Heart)- Dr. MAA Sirajudeen
Amraz e Nizam e Tanaffus (Diseases of Respiratory System), Amraz e A'za Nasla Mardana (Diseases of Male Genital Organs), Amraz e Jild (Diseases of Skin), Sartan (Malignancies), Amraz e Nafsaniya (Psychological Disorders)