Introduction to research methodology, selection of research topic, principles and
methods of literary research, research methods and study design, data collecting
techniques, research ethics, sampling techniques and sample size, data analysis.
Mean, mode, median, SD, SE, basis statistics, central tendency and computer
aided data analysis, coding the data, prevalence, trends of correlation, introduction
to medical statistics, effective proposal and report writing.
Health and Swasthvritta (2:15/30)

Health and ill-health, factors that influence health, criteria to measure health. Health
status in Sri Lanka and developed and developing regions. Ayurvedic ritualas,
Dina charya, Rathri charya, Rithu charya, bearing urges. Bearable and unbearable
urges. Mental health, fundamental of counciling, Sadvitta and Achara Rasayanaya.

Nutrition, Health and Janapada Udvanshanaya (2:15/30)

Classification, Preservation of food compatibility, pollution of food and it’s prevention. Indigenous dietary therapy, water pollution, air pollution, pollution of land, sound waves and their influences, temperature and its influence, waste disposal, Industrial health, environmental polluting due to modern technology, school awareness programmes and national environmental programmes.
Rasayana and Vajikarana and Family Health (2:15/30)
Immunity and prevention of infectious diseases.Non communicable diseases and it’s prevention. Maternal and child health. Ante natal, natal, and post natal services. Family planning methods, infant nutrition, growth and development. School health promotions.

Services for disable children, child welfare services. Management and Administration of health.
Community Medicine (1:15/00)
Available methods to measure health and well being, food components, balanced diet, nutritional deficiency diseases, determination of nutritional status, nutritional health problems, food safety, food act and safety standards, food preservation, food transmission diseases, epidemiology-communicable diseases, immunization. prevention and control of communicable diseases. prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. Health promotion.

Environmental health and problems. Health Care Services in Sri Lanka, primary health care services. International organization of health services, health education, social health.
SW4108:Forensic Medicine I (2:30/00)

Introduction to medico legal system in Sri Lanka, Medical Councils of Sri Lanka,
basic medical ethics, medical evidence, medical negligence, birth and death
registration procedure in Sri Lanka.
Mechanical injuries, head injuries, injuries due to physical agents, firearm injuries.
Road traffic accidents, introduction to DNA technology and finger printing. Death
diagnosis, changes after death, estimation of time since death, certification of
death, inquest.

Identify the instrument and write the advantages and disadvantages of this instrument.

Child abuse, infanticide, sexual offences, abortion, asphyxia, drunkenness.